Living the High Life

Living the High Life

What’s in a name? In the case of helvet – an entire nation’s spirit. helvet is Switzerland. It embodies the soul behind Swiss-made and Swissness. It’s a tribute to all that this great country has done and will do. helvet is the genius of watchmaking, the unparalleled beauty of the mountains, the thrill of freeriding, the taste of chocolate, the hope for a green future, and the vision of Switzerland as an oasis in a turbulent world.

helvet is a rally cry for celebrating everything the country is doing, embodied under a single brand name. With the dexterity of a Swiss knife, helvet acts as a bridge between the 1001 different facets that make up what it means to be Swiss.

helvet is a promise of fulfilment, quality, luxury, and authenticity. It is a symbol of our know-how and our ability to pass that on – one foot planted in tradition and the other reaching forward to the future.