Text helvet magazine / Photo © Kurt Müller
Date of publication Winter 2020-2021

Where can you find the Matterhorn Ski Paradise’s steepest black run? The journey begins at Theodulpass (3,295 m), before taking the run on the Italian-side towards Plan Maison and Breuil-Cervinia. Then you take the incredibly panoramic Pancheron chairlift until you get to the southern face of the iconic Matterhorn, where you’ll find the initial drop of the Pista Nera el Cervino (n°59). The run is beautiful thanks to the closeness of the Cervino, the moraines on the right side, and the Furggen ridge. It’s also immediately steep. This magnificent 1.2 km white highway boasts drops of up to 65° (with an average of 48°). The run flattens out in the second half as you approach the Pancheron lift, where you can choose between two other black diamond routes: the Pancheron 2 (24bis) variant, or the long Grand Roc (62), which heads towards Valtournenche, and is a difficult run but is pleasantly sunny and protected from the wind. This is one corner of the ski area that isn’t for the faint of heart!