Caran d’Ache treasure chest – 422 colour pencils

Date of publication 04.06.2018

Geneva, May 2018 – To mark the thirtieth anniversary of the emblematic Supracolor® Soft pencil, Caran d’Ache is celebrating its devotion to boundless creativity with an absolute treasure chest. This selection comprises more than 400 colour pencils taken from the brand’s different yet complementary ranges, including Luminance 6901®, Museum Aquarelle, Supracolor® Soft, Pablo® and Prismalo® Aquarelle. It is one of the largest collection of artistic pencils in the world.

An exclusive edition
Bearing witness to the excellence of Caran d’Ache, this prestigious case contains all the expertise and creativity tirelessly developed in the Geneva-based workshops since 1915. This new, limited edition of 100 numbered articles is presented in an elegant, ebony-coloured wooden box. As the lid is lifted, the eyes are greeted with an explosion of colours and materials, a unique opportunity for artists to express their creativity using a whole host of different techniques. Ingenious and ergonomic, it offers maximum user comfort.

Iconic products brought together for endless creative adventures
A piece of artwork in its own right, the box contains one of the largest selections of artistic pencils ever seen. Thanks to the diversity of the products included, it provides artists with creative tools enabling them to experiment with myriad techniques and an almost infinite choice of colours. The brand’s iconic pencils can all be found in this attractive case: Luminance 6901®, Museum Aquarelle, Supracolor® Soft, Pablo® and Prismalo® Aquarelle.

Luminance 6901®: 76 colours – Produced after more than two years’ research and development, this pencil offers numerous shades combined with a delicate texture, ideal for overlays, blends and shading. Tested over a period of more than two months in the Arizona desert, its lightfastness ensures an optimum result reflected in the international ASTM D-6901 certification.

With Luminance 6901®, Caran d’Ache has achieved the feat of producing the most light-resistant colour pencil ever designed.

Museum Aquarelle: 76 colours – True watercolours in pencil form, the Museum Aquarelle contain highly-concentrated pigments in a formula offering complete solubility, the purest transparency and excellent lightfastness.

With its wide diameter of 3.8 mm, the soft lead means that this pencil can be used dry or soaked in water. From precise drawings to ink wash, fading, blending, gradation and overlays, artists have every form and scheme of watercolour at their fingertips.

Supracolor® Soft: 150 colours, including 30 new limited-edition shades created using precious mineral and organic pigments – For 30 years, Supracolor® Soft pencils have been the very soul of versatility. Their quality lies in particular in the brightness of the colours and their unique covering power. The 30 new shades have been carefully chosen to meet the specific needs of artists. 

Pablo®: 80 colours – This emblematic colour pencil with a dry lead which creates no dust remains the ideal companion when creating realistic drawings using cross-hatch overlays, gradation techniques or detailed colouring. 

Prismalo® Aquarelle: 40 colours – An essential tool enabling professional and amateur artists to express themselves, this is the first watercolour pencil in the world. Used with a dry lead, it offers several options for drawing lines. When accompanied by a wet brush, its possibilities are multiplied through watercolour and subtle fading techniques.