Will you Saycheese?

Text Christian Bugnon
Date of publication Winter 2016-2017

Everyone who dines here leaves with a smile on their face. Not because they’re having their photo taken (although they may well wish to capture the moment) but due to the quality of the cheeses, exclusively from Valais, served in the new Saycheese! restaurant, discreetly located in the basement of the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof. On the menu, naturally, are local dried meats, raclette and fondue dishes, perfect with an outstanding Fendant wine. The Zermatterhof, with champagne and cepes mushrooms (or winter truffles) is already close to legendary. And as for the setting, the contemporary adds spice to the traditional, with an open kitchen, old wood, stone and elements of mountain decor, alongside a thoroughly contemporary fireplace.