When musique meets an extraordinary artisan

Date of publication 22.10.2019

When you have the chance to walk through the door of Sébastien de Haller's workshop, you realize, at first glance, that you have entered the particular world of a real artisan. No bling bling bling but just an immoderate love of acoustic art to develop outstanding speakers.

Invited to sit in an armchair in the listening room, you still have no idea that you will be embarking on an extraordinary musical journey.

Before having the honour of listening to a sound, it seems important to reveal some of the manufacturing secrets of these real works of art developed with science, passion and patience by Sébastien de Haller in his workshop.

The speakers face you, framing the amplifiers also designed in Haller's workshops. The speaker box is handcrafted in solid oak wood, oiled in the workshop. When the last screw is applied, the last welding done, this case suddenly becomes a sculpture that you just want to expose. Only natural materials were chosen - oiled solid oak, paper or silk membrane, Swiss sheep's wool. Each component is chosen with the greatest care.

The design of the speaker filters is a secret house, carefully kept in the De Haller workshops. Several years were necessary for the rigorous and complex development of these. The last adjustments were made thanks to anechoic chamber measurements made at Hepia (Geneva Engineering School). Each filter has the particularity of presenting an almost constant impedance curve as well as a very regular phase response. The result is an easy charge for the amplifier, coupled with an excellent three-dimensional image.

Now that the maestro's work has been presented to you, all that remains is to send a record. Suddenly, the speakers fade away and....

The singer whispered there, next to you.
You can feel her dress rustling. You breathe in her perfume.
The double bass player pinches his strings in the piece.
The pianist tapping his keys a few meters from your chair.

Yes, it's a strange experience with Haller Audio columns. A feeling of physical and sensual presence overwhelms us. The goose bumps take us by surprise. We are seduced.

Journey - There are passions that are born and are not forgotten.

Coming from a family of engineers and artists, Sébastien de Haller has dedicated himself since his teenage years to a passion for drawing, electronics, carpentry and music. Curious by nature, nourished by the assiduous reading of Jean Hiraga's publications of "La nouvelle revue du son", he has never ceased to experiment, in parallel with his activity as a graphic designer, with all kinds of combinations in an endless quest for the illusion of "Live" at home.

Sébastien de Haller has been able to play brilliantly between design and technical constraints, to develop a range dedicated to lovers of beautiful sound and objects. A beautiful engineering job coupled with a flawless aesthetic requirement.

A family of top-of-the-range solid oiled oak speakers in three sizes, designed and crafted in Geneva are available.

DINA 6: bookcase speakers for rooms from 8 to 30 m2 / DINA 8: floor speakers for rooms from 20 to 40 m2 / DINA 10 : floor speakers for rooms over 30 m2

Contrary to the current trend, the Dina 8 and 10 speakers are wide and shallow to ensure optimum baffling and plausibility. The internal damping is carried out using Swiss sheep's wool. Indeed, sheep's wool sounds better than glass or rock wool and does not release any irritating particles. They offer a high level of sound transcription, low directivity and an excellent stereophonic image.

The Dina 6s are available in a more classic "library" format. They are available in passive or active Bluetooth / Wifi multi room version.