My Cabane du Mont-Fort

Date of publication Winter 2019-2020

Everyone loves the Cabane du Mont-Fort refuge. Winter after winter, people make the journey on snow shoes from Les Ruinettes, studying the works of the 3-D Sculpture Park along the way. It’s a delightful three-hour walk, with the snowy peaks of Les Combins providing the backdrop. The view from the natural vantage point up top, at 2,457m, is also awe-inspiring. Alternatively, you can stop off on the descent from the Col des Gentianes or Mont-Gelé, on the yellow run. Whichever way you’re coming from you’ll be greeted with a smile by Daniel and Frances Bruchez, who’ve been holding the fort since 1983. There’s fondue on the menu, of course, along with rösti and pizzas.