Local produce at its best

Text Christian Bugnon
Date of publication Winter 2016-2017

Few areas in Valais do more to showcase the best that regional food and drink has to offer than Val de Bagnes. For starters there is its famous dried meat, which boasts protected geographical indication (PGI) status, accompanied by rye bread, itself the subject of a protected designation of origin (PDO). Another local star is raclette, which is prepared by melting the side of half a round of Bagnes cheese and then carefully scraping the melted cheese on to diners’ plates. The dish owes its name to the French word for “scrape”: “racler”. Tradition holds that raclette should be served with a local white wine called Fendant, though Valais’ reds, such as Humagne, Pinot Noir, Cornalin, Dôle and Gamay are also a perfect match for cheese dishes. And to round the meal off on a fruity note, try a drop of the local fruit brandies Abricotine and Williamine, which also possess PDO certification.