Experimental Chalet opens in Verbier

Text Christian Bugnon
Date of publication Winter 2018-2019

It started with a bar in Paris which turned into a hotel group that planted its flag in the swankiest spots on the planet: New York, London, Ibiza and now Verbier (at what used to be the Nevaï). The brand’s concept is based on an intimate atmosphere, carefully selected seasonal produce and, their hallmark - a bar right in the middle! Experimental Chalet embraces these criteria and varnishes them with a mountain slant under the inspiration of trendy interior designer Fabrizio Casiraghi. What’s in store: 39 bedrooms and suites, some with a terrace and Jacuzzi, a spa, an après-ski cocktail bar, a bistro serving traditional Alpine fare with a contemporary twist, ... and the famous Farm Club nightclub which has been incorporated into the building. Decidedly hip.