Because moms deserve the best

Because moms deserve the best

Ferronato Switzerland

May 2024

For Mother's Day, give a combination of originality and protection with FERRONATO and its range of accessories designed to shield against electromagnetic waves and protect personal data.

On May 12th, moms will be in the spotlight! Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to show them how much they mean to us by giving them special attention.

FERRONATO accessories make the perfect gift because, beyond their elegant appearance, they all conceal something unique, invisible to the naked eye. With discretion, they integrate innovative technology to preserve well-being from electromagnetic waves and safeguard personal data.

Gift ideas

The cardholder that protects financial data
With compartments for credit cards and side slots, our cardholder protects up to ten bank cards from data theft once stored inside.

The phone case that blocks radiation
The FERRONATO phone case reduces radiation by 95% to 98%, protecting against emissions emitted from our devices. High-quality leather finish. Multiple models and colors available for iPhone and Samsung.

The elegant and practical pouch
The pouch features two compartments, one for the smartphone and one for credit cards. With its ideal size, it can be used alone or easily slipped into a handbag.

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