A 69th edition of BRAFA in Surrealist mode !

A 69th edition of BRAFA in Surrealist mode !

Brussels Art Fair 2024

Monique Delarze
BRAFA Art Fair | Jean-Michel Clajot | Emmanuel Crooÿ
November 2023

132 galleries from 14 countries, including Switzerland, will be taking part in BRAFA 2024 (Brussels Art Fair). The prestigious international art fair, based in Brussels, is now in its 69th edition. It prides itself on being one of the highest-quality art fairs in Europe, and its taste for excellence is evident in the selection of exhibitors. Magnificent stands will offer a range of specialities from Antiquity to contemporary art.

Didier Claes, the Vice-Chairman of BRAFA, Non-European Art Section, explains: “For this edition, we wanted to offer an even greater diversity of specialities, whilst remaining close to the DNA of the Fair, which is first and foremost an antiques fair. As a result, in January 2024, we'll have an appropriate balance between the different fields on display. With this dynamic, we’re seeking to attract a multi-generational audience.”

The Paul Delvaux Foundation will be the guest of honour at BRAFA 2024. It will be presenting an exhibition retracing the major stages in the creation of the Belgian artist associated with Surrealism. A sort of wink to foreign observers who often describe Belgium as surrealist, with its sometimes offbeat way of doing things!

From January 28th to February 4th, 2024 - Brussels Expo in Halls 3 & 4.

More info: brafa.art