Backstage Hotel The one and only

An Alpine refuge that’s a far cry from traditional

Claude Hervé-Bazin
Backstage Hotel
Winter 2022-2023

Nothing in Zermatt resembles the Backstage Hotel. Here, accommodation, high-calibre gastronomy, an art gallery, and entertainment combine, in the heart of the station.

At its helm is a man unlike any other: Heinz Julen. Architect, interior designer, and a man of a million-and-one other talents, this Zermatt local made the Backstage – in the heart of Bahnhofstrasse – into what we call a “destination hotel”: an all-in-one establishment, one that satisfies (and even anticipates) your every desire.

With style and good taste
Everything you need is here: incredible views of the Matterhorn magnified by large windows, cosy comfort, and exceptional Swiss hospitality. But its style is completely unique. Surprising and inimitable, it wavers between timeless Alpine elements and contemporary flashes, embracing the wild fervour of reinvented spaces and new century concepts. Whether it’s the common areas, the rooms, or the spa, nothing escapes the prolific spirit of the artist.

More than simple accommodations, the Backstage Hotel is a creative lifestyle in of itself. It boasts an art gallery, a luxurious movie theatre, a nightclub, and a dining table you don’t want to miss. One of the ultimate Zermatt winter experiences, After Seven (17 points with Gault&Millau, 1 Michelin star) runs under the auspices of Ivo Adam and is directed by Florian Neubauer. It offers a precise and nuanced menu, served in a room that revolves around a central, ultra-contemporary fireplace and a fantastic chandelier made of musical instruments… which is one of a kind, of course. This year, the chef has dedicated much of his energy to transposing After Seven’s perfection to the Vernissage: a bar, club, cinema, and gallery. The idea is to “forge a strong bond between gourmet cuisine and a dynamic venue, creating a vibrant space for people to enjoy all parts of their lives.”

Exporting the Backstage’s cooking
Success is inherent. Recently, Florian Neubauer spent 6 weeks in Bali at the invitation of a loyal client, who owns hotels on the Island of the Gods. His challenge was to serve 17 dishes in 170 minutes for 17 days, to celebrate the 17th birthday of the Hanging Gardens of Bali, a luxury establishment that overlooks the jungles near Ubud, the island’s cultural capital. “I was amazed by how different the ingredients tasted there, even though they were the same ingredients,” reminisced Florian Neubauer. “It was a wonderful opportunity to both create beautiful memories and gather new inspiration for the kitchen.”

His success has also snowballed into other ventures. At present, Swiss International Airlines is serving Florian Neubauer-designed menus in first and business class. “It’s a true challenge to serve high-quality meals despite all the constraints of air travel,” added Florian. This is one high-flying chef, without a doubt!

From Tuesday to Saturday: live acoustic music in the Diner’s Club (19:00-22:00)
Every Thursday: Open Mic at the Vernissage, starting at 23:00
Every Friday and Saturday: live music, starting at 23:00
Every last Saturday of the month: ‘90s Party