Melody Sky

An artful adventurer

Claude Hervé-Bazin
Melody Sky

Not only an accomplished diver and skier, Melody Sky is also and above all a talented photographer and film director. We take a close-up look at her passion for Verbier, through some of her emblematic images.  

A sense of adventure, love of the outdoors and a respect for the environment gives Melody an endless and open field in which to carry out her profession and passion for photography. Her hobby turned to full-time career when she began working at sea as an underwater photographer. With one passion leading to another, she shortly after became an instructor for ice diving in Tignes. Ski photography and filming were a natural progression from there. On the pursuit of places of excellence for photography, Melody fell in love with Verbier and the attraction it holds for the world’s best freeriders. “With the light, the clouds, and the dramatic seasons, the scene before you is ever changing - it’s spectacular.” comments Melody. “In addition there are so many inspiring, talented and creative likeminded people in Verbier. There is definitely a pull with this place! I first came here on a film job in 2001 with an ex-Olympic aerials skier whom I was filming with at the time. It stuck in my head that this was his favourite resort, and yet he had skied everywhere in the world. I knew I had to return.” Melody now has a whole line-up of impressive trips awaiting across the globe, such as photographing polar bears in the Arctic Circle, freediving with whale sharks in the Maldives, surfing with dolphins in New Zealand and stand up paddle boarding with migrating whales in Fiji. She says her dream has always been to use adventure sports and sporting role models to preserve, protect, and draw attention to our beautiful planet and its awe-inspiring environments. A dream that seems to have come true.