Yves Garneau

Images of Beauty

Frédéric Rein
Yves Garneau

He’s snapped action shots of extreme sports, captured mountain landscapes and backdrops bordering on the sublime, and gone above and beyond in his exceptional photographs of interiors and haute cuisine. The œuvre of photographer Yves Garneau spans a wide variety of subjects, forging a multi-faceted mosaic – just like their creator, a 36-year-old globally-minded Canadian who has lived in Verbier since 1997. 

“Since I love freeride, one of my friends told me about the Alps,” said Garneau. With a plane ticket in hand, he landed in Europe and set off on a tour of resorts, immediately choosing Verbier, which gave him “good vibes.” After working in the food industry, he managed to make a career of photography.

“I had to diversify my subjects, since focusing solely on the mountains was impossible” noted the young man.

Curious by nature, he opened his eyes to new horizons without losing sight of the snow-capped peaks. His eye for detail and composition ensure tremendously beautiful results.

“I started working before digital cameras came along, a time where you only got one chance to get your shot right. That taught me to constantly search for intense light, explosive colours and perfect lines,” said Garneau.

This purist welcomes us into his world as if we were gliding over a mountain clad in powdery snow: with desire and delight!