New collaboration

Moncler x Sacai
November 2023

Sacai’s collaboration with Moncler became a meeting of minds – and hearts. Jumping off at the point of Moncler’s 70th anniversary in 2022, Chitose Abe pondered what Moncler’s next 70 years might look like, creating pieces that bridge the brand’s first 70 years with the next, ushering a new era.

Crafting life essentials for the next 70 years, Abe drew from Moncler’s own brand journey, originating in the mountains and migrating to the city. A layered capsule of four looks is ready to equip anyone for that journey. It’s a collection geared for shared experiences that bring about lasting memories; that make an impact that endures.

Moncler x Sacai incorporates the Japanese brand’s hybrid-inflected aesthetic and Moncler’s outdoorsy mountaineering spirit. The tailored and formal merge with the practical, the feminine with the pragmatic, on pieces that can be attached to one another, creating new shapes and functions.

The offer consists of two full looks for men and two for women, one in total black and the other in shades of off-white and ecru. Each look is a multi-piece form that can be disconnected and reconnected in a new way: jackets can be attached to the trousers to become a boilersuit; the flip of a zip opens up sleeves so that a puffer morphs into a cape. The wearer is invited to engage with the items and wear them in multiple ways.

The ideation of clothing that hangs on the body and can be carried as an accessory recurs. Internal straps convert a down jacket into a backpack; the same detail is integrated into the formality and polish of suiting; a jacket and blazer hang back to reveal a dress with pleating, lingerie influences and the mix up of feminine elegance with utility - a Sacai signature.

Suit jackets, puffers both long and cropped, teddy vests, functional bibs, convertible trousers and pleated dresses are elements of a polymorphous play that brings a mountain ethos to metropolitan territory.

The Moncler x Sacai collection will retail as full looks only and will be available in select Moncler and Sacai boutiques from November 27, 2023.