KT HOME launches the first heating mask Everyday Classic for winter season

/ Photo KT HOME
Date of publication 28.01.21

KT HOME launches the first heating mask, designed specifically for outdoor activities. A variation of the Everyday Classic mask, it is at the forefront of innovation and offers both an optimal protection and an exceptional comfort. Used in the industry for winter clothing, the Nano SysXF technology had never been applied to protective masks before.

The Everyday Classic warming mask is the latest launch from Babette Keller Liechti, who brings her microfiber expertise to mask manufacturing. Like every product from the brand, the Everyday mask meets two essential requirements: efficiency and eco-responsibility.

Towards an innovative and comfortable winter:

Just in time for winter season, KT HOME innovates once again with the launch of a heating mask. Thanks to the Nano SysXF system, the mask converts light energy into heat and thus increases the temperature of the mask by naturally creating a thermal effect of +3° to +5° in only 15 minutes.

The environmentally friendly and energy-saving Nano SysXF system is famous for its properties of absorbing light energy from visible, infrared and ultraviolet light and converting it into heat energy.

KT HOME thus allows a new winter comfort thanks to the Everyday Classic heating mask, designed for outdoor activities, whether on the ski slopes or in the city, and without taking the risk of a wet mask that freezes.

A pure and efficient design:

The Everyday Classic heating mask is innovative, while ensuring all the performance, comfort and style qualities of the other masks of the line, whether it be a pure design, the flexibility of the microfiber or the non-deformable covering character. Like the other masks, the Everyday Classic warming mask contains no chemicals, is anti-UV, hypoallergenic, and reusable.

The heated mask is blue, with a silver monogram whose latticework provides innovative performance and an original and elegant look.

Made in Switzerland, it is suitable for all ages and all morphologies, and offers up to six sizes of masks, including one for children.

About KT HOME :

For three decades, Babette Keller Liechti has been supplying the major luxury houses with microfiber. With KT HOME SA, the entrepreneur puts her microfiber expertise at the service of the greatest number, with the creation of the reusable microfiber make-up removal glove "The Nude by KT Care", as well as the more recent "Everyday" reusable antibacterial mask, offering a responsible solution to the waste induced respectively by make-up removal lotions, cotton, and paper masks.

Sold at CHF 19.90 each, the Everyday Classic heating mask compares favorably with a paper mask, whose cost is amortized in only 10 days.

More information about KT HOME and Everyday masks is available on the official website: www.kt-boutique.com