FERRONATO launches an electromagnetic wave-blocking iPhone case

FERRONATO launches an electromagnetic wave-blocking iPhone case

A new addition to its unique range of accessories

September 2023

This spring, FERRONATO announced the opening of its first global boutique in the heart of Lausanne. Entering the market with an unprecedented positioning, the brand is in fact the world's first luxury brand to offer privacy-protecting accessories, combining Swiss technology and Italian leather goods.

In tune with the market and customer expectations, FERRONATO announces the release of its latest innovation: an iPhone case that will have the specificitý of guaranteeing a 95% to 98% reduction in the electromagentic waves emitted by the smartphone, while allowing the user to remain reachable and still receive calls.

This is a unique and avant-garde product, launched onto the market just as France decided to withdraw the iPhone 12 from sale, considering that the device breached European radiation exposure limits.

"We've been working on the design of this new product for several months now, long before the iPhone 12 issue was in the news. We developed it based on requests from customers and potential customers who wanted to be able to keep their smartphone reachable, while being protected from the radiation emitted by their device", explains Alessia Ferronato, CEO of FERRONATO.

Product features


The FERRONATO phone case incorporates MetaFab® technology, a unique, patented metallized́ fabric developed by the family-owned KGS Ferronato Group at its Swiss laboratories in Châtel-Saint-Denis, Canton Fribourg. This technology blocks all types of electromagnetic interference. The case acts as a barrier between the device and the user, protecting them from a wide spectrum of potentially harmful cell phone radiation, while allowing them to remain contactable.

The case attenuates up to 95% of the radiation emitted by the device's antennae, as well as radiofrequency radiation from 5G, cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth and extremely low frequencies between 0 and 90 GHz.


Handcrafted, the protective shell features a silicone interior incorporating MetaFab® technology, while the exterior is made of Italian calf leather for a luxurious finish. It is shock-resistant in the event of an accidental drop. The case will be available in the following colors: black, Tuscan beige, blue sapphire, ruby rose, and lava red.

Models and availability

The FERRONATO iPhone case will be available for models 12, 12 pro max 13, 13 pro max, 14, 14 pro max, from mid-November on the online store and in the Lausanne boutique, Place St-François 12bis.

The case will be available in a model with a flap, including 5 compartments for bank cards, offering protection against theft of financial data, and a compartment for banknotes. The model with a flap will attenuate up to 98% of the radiation emitted by the device.

Covers for iPhone 15, as well as for various Samsung models, will be released in a second phase, during December 2023.