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Back to our roots

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Mai 2023

Alinghi Red Bull Racing is actively training on the AC75 and AC40 in Barcelona while in parallel preparing for the start of the TF35 season on Lake Geneva. The TF35 Trophy kicks off on the 18 May and the team is looking forward to going home!

"Our roots are in Lake Geneva, we all learned to sail and to foil there"

said Pierre-Yves Jorand, co-general manager and head of sports operations. “The TF35 is at the cutting edge of development, but beyond the boat it is a circuit and an environment that we love. We feel the same about the Bol d’Or Mirabaud, our yacht club’s flagship event, which we compete in every year!”

With just over a year to go to the America’s Cup, the Swiss challenger from the Société Nautique de Genève is reorganising its sailing programme. In 2022, the team focussed its training around the GC32 and TF35. This year, training is centred on the AC75 and AC40 in Barcelona. This change offers new opportunities for youth and female sailors to lead the Alinghi Red Bull Racing TF35 this season, supported by an experienced core group.

Some of the sailors that will take up the TF35 challenge this summer are from the Alinghi generation that was born out of the Swiss America’s Cup victories in 2003 and 2007. “It’s a great honour to be able to join this team, which has been the point of reference for professional sailing in Switzerland for decades,” said Nathalie Brugger, one of the TF35 sailors. Alongside project leader Yvan Ravussin, and Jérémy Bachelin, João Cabeçadas, Lauranne Mettraux and Matthieu Ravussin, they will support the young sailors both on the water and ashore.

The sailing team will change for each event (full list of crew members below) to give everyone the opportunity to progress, transfer knowledge, share in the team spirit and perform to the best of their ability.

“Some of the young sailors have never set foot on a TF35,” explained skipper Jérémy Bachelin who has sailed the SailGP, TF35, and in previous Youth America’s Cups. “This immersion in the world of professional sailing will allow them to progress from a sailing and foiling point of view, but also in terms of boat preparation, safety, boat handling, and all the other elements that make up a project like this.”

The young crew can also count on the team that led the Alinghi Red Bull Racing TF35 last year. They will regularly return to Switzerland on rotation to help with the training. And in Ecublens, the production team will provide technical support when required.

This is an opportunity to further develop the talent pool in Switzerland. In parallel and independently of the TF35 project, the Youth & Women’s America’s Cup selections are underway