Zermatt in  a good Mood

Zermatt in a good Mood

a good Mood

Sophie de Charbevel
Mood Collection
Winter 2020-2021

Launched in 2004, Mood’s rings feature a unique interchangeable centrepiece, making them perfect for any occasion. Ever growing, the brand will have a new home this winter in Zermatt… after also unveiling a boutique in Los Angeles this summer, in the middle of the pandemic.

Kirchstrasse 42. At the base of the Hotel Antika, just across the street from the peaceful quiet of the cemetery, lies a 50 m2 shop designed to arouse the desire of all Mood lovers. Here, the excitement ripples across social media. Everyone’s talking about this one-of-a-kind object: a ring, a simple ring, but not just any ring. Contemporary. Androgenous. Minimalist. Playful. 100% Swiss. And always in style.
1001 rings No necklaces, no earrings, no bracelets. Mood only makes one thing: a single ring… with infinite possibilities. This beautifully simple yet technically sophisticated concept is the brainchild of jewellery designer Cédric Chevalley. A stainless steel (or more recently, titanium) structure forms the base of the jewel on which an inner ring is housed. The centrepiece is made of two separable elements that
support and retain the central ring, baptized addon. Originally composed of glass, today the centrepiece is available in a wide variety of materials: polymer, carbon, exotic wood, aluminium, acetate, bronze, rose gold, or even palladium.
The Digit ring addons are expertly crafted out of silver, with the owner’s fingerprint cast into each unique piece. You can take the customization even further and have a ring engraved with a meaningful quote, a memory, or a sweet message for a loved one. If that were not enough, the brand recently also made their first successful foray into the world of haute jewellery, with addon that feature precious stones, like certified white or black diamonds, topaz, sapphire, or emeralds. These precious high-end Mood rings can be up to a hundred times the price of the original design… but we all know that true love is priceless.  

 Let Your Imagination Run Wild
So, how many different models are there? It’s difficult to say, as today the brand works with innumerable inhouse ambassadors. "Dozens of new models are released each month," explains Stéphanie Pousaz, co-manager of the collection, "resulting in hundreds of different addons on site at any given time." This year’s best-selling pieces are the Boho 2.0 collection and XS set, but still to come is the new Zermatt collection, specially designed for the launch of the local boutique.
The possibilities are endless, as the chameleon Mood ring gracefully adapts to fit the personality of each wearer and every brand-picked ambassador. Swiss climbing champion Petra Klinger designed addon inspired by her favourite climbing locations, while Sébastien Buemi’s collection features diamonds made from the wreckage of one of his race cars. Meanwhile, Belinda Bencic sparkles on the tennis court with her sport-chic collection that includes 11 upcycled grey diamonds (her lucky number) made from one of her very own tennis rackets. At the end of the day, only one thing is for certain: the brand has developed a fierce following, and there are no limits to the creativity of Mood lovers.