Experimental Chalet

Verbier’s trendiest HQ

Daniel Bauchervez
Experimental Chalet
Winter 2023-2024

First there was Paris, New York, and London, much like a fashion show. Then Ibiza, Minorca, Venice, Barritz, and Cannes, for a touch of glamour. And Verbier, of course, where the former Nevaï Hotel, located in the heart of the city, has now become the hip new spot in town where cocktail culture meets the legendary Farm Club.

The Experimental Group was founded in Paris, well before there were any hotel businesses in the world’s trendiest locations. The company’s credo is to always create an intimate atmosphere that highlights carefully selected local ingredients, built around a central bar.

The Experimental Chalet stays true to the group’s essence while also embracing iconic mountain style, brought to life at the hotel through stunning interior design by Fabrizio Casiraghi. Casiraghi brings his unique interpretation of different eras and styles to life with simple sophistication and an expert dash of boldness.

This gorgeous Alpine resort features 37 rooms and 2 suites (with a private jacuzzi) that gaze upon the Alps, in the group’s iconic style that embraces both simplicity and a zest for life. Expect to find varnished wood with retro rounded corners, hints of gold, neo-vintage rotary phones, and delightfully kitsch Alpine landscape paintings on the walls (or a life-sized version from a private terrace for the lucky few)… all intentionally designed to ignite a smile.

The touch of a famous French chef
The restaurant is the colour of melting caramel and harkens back to the days of luxury ocean liners, featuring moulded fireplaces and antler light fixtures. The menu was designed by starred Parisian chef Gregory Marchand, the owner of Frenchie (which — fun fact — is the nickname Jamie Oliver gave Marchand when the two of them worked together in London).

While the cheeses, dried meats, and sausages are distinctly from the Canton of Vaud, the menu draws inspiration from around the world. Exotic horizons and international influences come alive through dishes with kumquats, yuzu koshō, umami-rich dashi butter, and calamondins (aka Philippine limes). Expect your tastebuds to be delighted!

The art of living, Experimental’s way
And of course, who can forget the bar at the very heart of the building. Experimental’s roots began around a few cocktails, at a time when Paris had just begun to embrace the art of mixology. Enjoy a signature cocktail menu that delights the senses, notably with a blend of Morand abricontine (apricot brandy) and vodka, or Le Bitter des Diablerets (alpine herbal liqueur) and whiskey.

Downstairs, the famous Farm Club (which opened in 1971) continues to provide legendary nightlife, with parties that are simultaneously elegant and eccentric. Everyone, from Diana Ross to David Bowie to James Blunt, has step foot in here and for good reason!

And of course, you can leave any of your worries or tensions behind at the hotel’s spa, which is managed in collaboration with Biologique Recherche — experts in fragrance-free products with biotechnological or natural active ingredients. Every treatment here begins with a fully customized diagnostic session, and offerings include hot volcanic stone massages (enjoyed solo or as a couple), body and facial detoxifying, and more.