Chalet Aconcagua

The secret peak of luxury at Zermatt

Claude Hervé-Bazin
Yves Garneau
Winter 2016-2017

Forget “luxury“, or even “ultra-luxury“. At the summit of Aconcagua, “art“ is a more apt description. The space acts as a window into an imagination that transcends space and time to define a new identity. It‘s a marriage of the most enchanting and timeless materials (wood, stone) fused with contemporary conceptualizations. And that‘s just the start.

As Le Corbusier once said, Architecture is about formulating problems with clarity. At the Aconcagua chalet, not only does the architecture reflect precision and meticulousness, but it is above all rooted in an unending quest for beauty, balance, and harmony. Its earth brown tones and elegant off-whites are reminiscent of ancient woodwork, with touches of silver, ceramics, and wall sections in deep matte black, which conspire together to accentuate light with unusual intensity. More than simply utilitarian, the light defines and sculpts the space itself, bringing its works of art and carefully selected furniture to life, such as these fantastic Italian hanging lights adorning the dining room, like a bouquet of stalactites.

The design goes beyond attention to detail.  Each element is a detail. Each room, each wall, each picture window reflects a master plan long in the making, and fulfills a vision dedicated to bringing to life each of the chalet‘s 550 square metres and accentuating its opulent cosiness. The technical and technological expertise embedded into the chalet are likewise staggering. Do they have an equal on this planet? One may have doubts after visiting the kitchens, which are so well designed that Michelin starred chefs (invited to the chalet by the Haute Montagne management), were falling over each other to show off their talents!

TV room, sports room – nothing has been forgotten. Certainly not the spa, perched at the top of the chalet, with its large mosaic Jacuzzi and its intense jet-black hammam. There‘s no question that the mission entrusted to German design firm Diesigner was a huge success, and sets a high new standard in the design of large luxury chalets in the Alps.