Alpina Gstaad

The Alpine master of well-being

Christian Bugnon
Alpina Gstaad
November 2023

It has the allure, elegant charm, and quality service one would expect from a palace. Set on a hillside overlooking the Gstaad Promenade, amongst the mountains and valleys, The Alpina Gstaad is one of the most iconic luxury hotels in the Alps. It’s a regal retreat, where the rustic timber and fireplaces rub shoulders with an extraordinary spa that’s a true sanctuary of peace.

The bells on the horse-drawn carriages tinkle in the streets, breaking the silence of the early snowfall. Gstaad is on parade, calm but brilliantly illuminated for the approaching holidays with its historic carved-wood chalets dusted with snow and stunning Christmas trees and wreaths dotted with red ornaments and pinecones.

Beneath its majestic towers and white-coated roofs, The Alpina is an ideal hideaway for the winter, complete with crackling fireplaces and exceptional panoramic views. This newly built five-star mountain resort beautifully marries the eternal Alpine spirit of rustic wood and stone with the enhanced aesthetics and comforts of contemporary design. The best of both worlds, which is only further reinforced by the establishment’s avalanche of awards, including being named the “Best Hotel” and “Top Luxury Hotel” in Switzerland.

The dining here is no less renowned, having been recognized by both the Michelin Guide and Gault&Millau. Michelin-starred Executive Chef Martin Göschel expertly supervises the very best that Switzerland has to offer at Sommet (18 points) and at the Japanese-inspired Megu (15 points), which was named “Switzerland's top Asian restaurant” by Gault&Millau.

Pure Relaxation
When the temperatures drop, the Six Senses Spa offers luxurious pampering. The centrepiece of the spa’s 2,000 m2 is the large pool that’s surrounded by Roman-palace-inspired columns and a weathered wood ceiling, brought to life in a blue, twilight setting beneath a breath-taking round skylight. Aside the main pool are two jacuzzis tucked into vertical stone gardens, in addition to an outdoor pool that seems to merge into the surrounding mountain views, a Himalayan salt room, and 12 treatment rooms where one can expect specialized, expert therapies.

Going far and above simple massages, The Alpina’s experienced practitioners offer an unparalleled range of personalised treatments dedicated to health and wellness. Their speciality is harmoniously merging Eastern holistic philosophies (like yoga and meditation) with cutting edge technologies to optimize health, improve performance, and complete wellbeing.

Ambitious treatment opportunities
In that spirit, the Six Senses Spa takes a global approach to well-being that’s inspired by the very in-vogue, Hollywood trend of the democratization of science… in other words: Biohacking. The idea behind this concept is to change one’s chemistry and physiology through science, increasing energy and vitality using high-tech equipment, highly personalised exercise routines, and customised diets to optimize the body’s natural capabilities.

Oxygen treatments are an important part of the process. Breathing in highly concentrated oxygen within a hyperbaric chamber allows for increased O2 absorption, resulting in a host of physical and mental benefits, including: strengthening the immune system, reducing stress, and improving skin radiance and clarity. Breathing it in while exercising stimulates metabolism and boosts performance, all while favouring recuperation and a deeper, more restorative sleep cycle. This is complimented with cryotherapy at -87° C, magnetic stimulation, and photobiomodulation (a form of light therapy), all in the name of finding the best combination of treatments for each individual. One could almost call it a cure-all.