Levator Mips Helmet

Levator Mips Helmet


Winter 2023-2024

POC's first visor helmet combines panoramic vision with layers of extra protection for the optimal balance of safety and field of view.

The result of years of research in protection and vision, our first visor helmet offers a fully integrated experience. Inspired by our ski racing heritage, the Levator Mips takes a futuristic approach to what a helmet should be.

The extended visor gives a field of view larger than any POC goggle, so you can be sure your peripheral vision is as good as is physically possible. A simple lens-changing mechanism makes it easy to swap lenses so you always have the best vision for the conditions. An extra lens for low-light conditions is included, ensuring you can ski with optimum vision across a broader range of light levels.

Whilst the large Clarity lens is what will make you get noticed, what makes the helmet stand out is the safety technology under the shell. Multi-impact protection zones feature in the areas most likely to be hit in a fall, and zones around the rear of the head are thicker for extra protection.

Mips Evolve® gives extra rotational impact protection, and a RECCO® Avalanche rescue reflector improves your searchability if you get lost in the mountains.

Extra comfort comes in the form of soft Alcantara padding for an improved feel against the head. An EVA lining around the neck enhances flexibility and comfort.