Zwiesel Glas

Zwiesel Glas

Symbiosis decanter

Zwiesel Glas
April 2024

Perfect symbiosis of glass and stone.

Symbiosis combines archaic and filigree aspects of nature with fine crystal glass and selected stone. The decanter is covered in the finest craquelure, giving the impression of great fragility. Contrasting with the natural, pristine stone base, this symbiosis has a very special visual appeal. The decanter and base nestle together in their precisely harmonised shapes.

In Symbiosis, the traditional craftsmanship of the glassmaker merges with that of the stonemason. Together, they create a handmade, exclusive and unique piece that is unrivalled. The decanter is handmade in small quantities by master glassmakers in Zwiesel, while the soapstone base is quarried and worked in Finland. This ensemble is completed with a highquality felt underlay.

The special stone base is made from a natural stone that is over 2.8 billion years old. It is carefully crafted by hand in north-east Finland and precisely moulded to the shape of the mouthblown decanter. Finally, the stone base is carefully finished with the Zwiesel Handmade logo. The natural soapstone stores cold better than other natural materials. If the stone base is placed in the refrigerator for two to three hours, a fine drop from the decanter can be enjoyed even longer and without any haste.

Years of experience are required to cover the mouth-blown carafe with such filigree crackle. The master glassmaker skilfully combines fire and water, heat and cold. He dips the still glowing glass into a mixture of sawdust, which catches fire in an instant and burns itself into the decanter. Now the decanter has to be held in the glass furnace, which is over 1300°C hot, to heat it up again. The glassmaker then immerses it in ice-cold water. It hisses and steams in front of the furnace. And the decanter reveals its delicate crackle.