Lina Jakobi

The Matterhorn in Her Eyes

Sophie de Charbevel
Lina Jakobi
Hiver 2020-2021

She is young and bold, and nothing can stop her. Only 24-years old, Lina Jakobi dove headfirst into pursuing a career as a photographer and a filmmaker, specialized in sport and the outdoors. Working in her favor is her love of all things Swiss, and in particular, Zermatt.

Was it her childhood spent in the beautiful, rugged wine country of Rheingau, near Wiesbaden? Was it her grandfather, a photographer and mountain lover himself, who inspired her? Or maybe it was her father who incessantly made the family pose for photos while on vacation in Splügen (GR) or Les Diablerets (VD)? Either way, Lina Jakobi’s childhood memories have given her a heartfelt love and passion for photography and the great outdoors.

An accomplished sportswoman, she started skiing, biking, and hiking with her parents, her brothers and her sisters from a very young age, and embraced soccer and handball during her teen years. She then set her sights on mountain biking and running, before moving on to road biking. It all came down to two key things: the joy of exertion and the pleasure of being outdoors.

Very early on, Lina took her place behind the camera to capture the world through her own lens. Her many skateboarding and snowboarding sessions provided her first shooting opportunities. After taking her Abitur (Lina is German), she embarked on a six-month journey and saw her fair share of far-off places. Her images posted on Instagram drew her to collaborate with other passionate kindred spirits, sometimes meeting in person and going off on group adventures into the mountains for a golden sunrise. Little by little, a dream began to take shape: Lina wanted to be a photographer and filmmaker. And there was one thing that drew her: that special feeling of man confronting nature and measuring up to its unbridled power.

Armed with her Sony Alpha 7iii (hybrid photo-video) and her DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone, Lina now travels the world in search of images that move her. In the process, she’s found herself in Switzerland a few times. Once following the wheels of cyclist Lukas Rathgeber, who traversed 70 Alpine peaks this summer, covering over 76,000 m of cumulative altitude in only 17 days. Another time in Zermatt, shooting the 2019 Unplugged festival before boarding an Air Zermatt aircraft. It was her first helicopter flight. A chance to be fully immersed in the beauty of the Alps, as the clouds gave way to the setting sun. A moment of joy for the books, and one to truly remember.