The Unforgettable Mont Rogneux

A classic ski touring itinerary, with a Far North ambiance

César Deffeyes
Raphaël Surmont
Winter 2022-2023

Climbing Mont Rogneux, whether you stop at the Brunet mountain hut or not, is a restorative adventure that we recommend for anyone who loves ski touring!

If there’s one classic ski touring route that any amateur passing through the Verbier region needs to experience at least once in their lives, it’s the famous Mont Rogneux! Dominating the Val de Bagnes, this summit peaks at 3,084 m, coiled up into the shadow of the imposing Grand Combin massif (4,314 m) of eternal snow cover and glaciers. Along its hillsides, the ambiance is clearly one of the high mountains.

Leaving from Lourtier, this ski touring route is not particularly technical, assuming you are a good skier... Physically, however, it’s quite the challenge as it covers over 2,000 m in altitude gain. Stage winner and 2010 Alpine Ski World Champion Florent Troillet could complete the route there and back in only two hours when he was at his peak – and he did it around 50 times per season! Every two years, the Intégrale du Rogneux gives competitors the chance to test their skill level along this magnificent route (the 2023 edition takes place February 25).

But you can also take your time to tackle Rogneux over the course of a two-day itinerary by adding two stages of 1,000 m altitude gain, divided by a restful night at the Brunet mountain hut, which was recently renovated about a year ago. That said, other routes also lead to Rogneux. There’s one leaving from the Bruson lifts that allows you to preserve some energy while affronting “only” 1,000 m of altitude gain. Either way, you’ll need to be comfortable in high altitude and be able to orient yourself- worth it for the usually excellent snow conditions. The summit awaits with excellent 360° views of the Grand Combin massif, Mont-Blanc, and Mont Vélan. Trust us when we say it’s truly unforgettable!