Assortiments de thés et infusions

Assortiments de thés et infusions

SWISS HERITAGE in collaboration with Chill Tea Atelier

The helvet tea collection is a journey through alpine landscapes, capturing the very essence of Swiss nature. From magnificent fields of alpine grass to crystal-clear rivers, each tea variety is meticulously selected to offer an unparalleled experience for the senses. helvet teas are more than just an infusion, each leaf tells a story of the soul of Switzerland.

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helvet's passion for quality is reflected in every detail of the brand. This selection of teas and infusions is no exception, offering a palette of flavors that celebrate the authenticity of the Swiss Alps. It's an ode to Swiss heritage, a sensory experience that transports tea lovers to snow-capped peaks, where pure air and breathtaking scenery blend in every cup. Immerse yourself in the true spirit of the Alps with helvet and discover the magic of Swiss tea.

In collaboration with Chill Tea Atelier
Swiss atelier for the creation of exceptional organic teas and infusions, combining tradition and modernity for an unforgettable taste experience. We carefully craft our unique recipes, selecting only the finest ingredients for an unrivalled sensory experience.

Assortment details :

9x 10 sachets of 1.5 g

A soothing infusion with delicate notes of chamomile, lavender and rose petals

Chamomile*, Lemon balm*, Lemon verbena*, Linden*, Sweet blackberry*, Elderflower*, Lavender*, Rose petals*, Passion flower*

An enveloping infusion with notes of peppermint, sage and lavender

Peppermint*, Fennel*, Elderberries*, Honeybush*, Anise*, Liquorice root*, Lemon*, Camomile*, Rosemary*(5%), Lavender*, Sage leaves*, Basil*, Thyme*

A refreshing infusion with hibiscus, verbena and citrus notes

Hibiscus*, Lemon verbena*, Apple pieces*, Lemongrass*, Rose hip*, Sweet blackberry leaves*, Mandarin peel*, Organic mandarin flavor

An invigorating green tea with notes of lemon verbena and nettle

Green tea*(China), Lemon verbena*, Dandelion*, Ginger*, Lemon myrtle*, Nettle*, Turmeric*, Black pepper*

A delicate infusion with notes of elderflower, strawberry and lemon balm

Apple pieces*, Hibiscus*, Cranberry*, Rosehip*, Strawberry*, Lemon balm*, Stevia leaf* (2.50%), Elderflower*, Marigold petals*

A comforting infusion with notes of fennel, cinnamon and ginger

Fennel*, cinnamon*, caraway*, aniseed*, ginger*, juniper berries*

An invigorating infusion with notes of peppermint, mate and cocoa nibs

Peppermint*, Maté*, Coffee beans*, Chicory*, Cocoa nibs*, Guarana*, Marigold petals

A revitalising infusion with notes of rooibos, cocoa and rosemary

Rooibos*(South Africa), Cocoa shells*, Carob*, Anise seeds*, Rosemary*, Thyme*, Sage*, Moringa*, Echinacea*

A relaxing infusion with notes of lemon balm, verbena and lemongrass

Lemon balm*, Verbena*, Silver linden flowers*, Lemongrass*, Chamomile*, Peppermint*, Sage leaves*, Thyme*, Anise*, Rose petals*, Cornflower petals*, Sunflower petals*

Chill Tea Atelier: Choosing Excellence and Sustainability

Compostable Tea Bags: An Ecological Commitment
At Chill Tea Atelier, our commitment to the planet is as strong as our passion for tea. That's why we've chosen to use compostable tea bags for all our creations. Here's why our compostable tea bags make all the difference.

Reduced waste:
Unlike traditional tea bags made from nylon or other non-biodegradable materials, our compostable tea bags break down naturally, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Natural materials:
Made from plant fibres, our compostable tea bags are free from plastics and harmful chemicals, ensuring a pure and healthy brew.

Simple and effective:
After use, our tea bags can be placed directly into your home composter or organic waste, transforming into nutrients for the soil without leaving any polluting traces.

Organic recipes: The essence of purity
Every Chill Tea Atelier infusion is a celebration of nature and well-being, thanks to our 100% organic recipes. That's why our organic teas are the perfect choice for tea connoisseurs and wellness enthusiasts:

Superior Quality Ingredients:
We select the finest organically grown tea leaves and plants, grown without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers. This guarantees a pure, authentic flavour.

Respect for the environment:
Organic farming respects natural cycles and preserves biodiversity, contributing to the health of ecosystems and the fight against climate change.

Ethics and transparency:
We work closely with certified organic producers, ensuring fair working conditions and fair pay for farm workers.

Steep the tea bag for 4 to 6 minutes (except for green tea, which should be steeped for no more than 2 minutes) in 200 ml of water boiling at 95°.