Explorer Swiss Spirit Special Edition 2020


/ Photo Victorinox
Date of publication 17.06.2020

The Explorer Swiss Spirit Special Edition 2020 is an invitation to discover Switzerland. With its typical Swiss symbols on the scale, it is the perfect companion on a journey to find the best Swiss cheese, amazing Swiss watches and delicious Swiss chocolate. Available in a limited quantity, the item is housed in a special silver slip-lid gift box with a design-matching sleeve.

Switzerland is not only well known for its magnificent landscape, the alps and gorgeous little villages, but also for cheese, watches, traditional sports, chocolate and of course the Original Swiss Army Knife. The Explorer Swiss Spirit Special Edition 2020 highlights all these typical Swiss symbols. They can be discovered both visually on the back side of the scale, as well as in real life thanks to the knife’s practical functions. And to ensure nothing is missed, the Explorer includes a magnifying glass as part of its 19 functions.

Once the Swiss symbols have been explored, the front side of the scale brings wonderful memories to life. It shows a Swiss mountain scene with a glacier in the background and the Swiss flag on top of the peak. The Explorer Swiss Spirit Special Edition 2020 is the ideal partner for those who like to embrace and discover the country’s traditions and carry a little piece of Switzerland in their pockets every day.

An ideal gift or collector’s item, this special edition is launched worldwide and can be purchased in specialty, souvenir and gift shops, Victorinox stores and online. Celebrating the culture and symbols of Switzerland, it also testifies to the high levels of functionality, quality and innovation that characterize the brand.

Victorinox prides itself on more than 130 years of experience in the manufacturing of high-quality knives in Switzerland. The brand guarantees all knives and tools to be of first-class stainless steel. Each item has a lifetime guarantee against any defects in material and workmanship.

All knives fulfill the reputed and very high Victorinox quality standards and are 100% Swiss Made.