Summer Edition

Cosmopolitan and yet quintessentially Swiss;
Dive into the nation's greatest small city.
where the water is the mirror of the world.

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Going with the flow

The Rhône’s often turbulent waters led the way. After many years spent exploring the mountains of Valais, helvet magazine has finally reached the shores of Lake Geneva. After Verbier and Zermatt, we now welcome you to explore our Geneva edition in all its glory. Here amongst these pages, the essence of Switzerland has been brought to life through the grandeur, beauty, and spirit of the country and its beautiful lakeside hideaway.

At first glance your eye is drawn to the dazzling Jet d’Eau over Lake Geneva. A liquid sculpture that’s as delicate as it is enduring. A signature traced through the skyline that has come to symbolize this great city. At its feet, the very heart of the harbour where we swim — yes, in those crystal clear waters.

Our sights have long been set on Geneva. A project that blossomed slowly due to a global pandemic and ongoing uncertainties about world peace. Yet another reason, perhaps, to finally give it a go, because when it comes to peace and humanity, Geneva is an obvious epicentre. A mini–New York City (albeit different, of course!), a hub for diplomacy and headquarters of the world’s largest international institutions, where all countries cross paths in the best of intentions. A global yet approachable city.

Its theatrical geography marks a crossroads where the city, lake, rivers, and mountains meet. But it’s not for show; it’s as authentic as it gets. Simultaneously powerful and discreet, strong in its convictions and its industries (notably watchmaking and banking), historic but also embracing state-of-the-art technology, undoubtedly prosperous and yet always working towards the common good. Its magic words? Etiquette and high quality of life. With an abundance of high-calibreshopping and dining (recognized by many stars and food-lovers alike), the city effortlessly unfolds in the summer by the lake, the docks, the open-air cafés, the tender lawns of the city parks, around a picnic, or in a game of street golf. So much more than a pretty picture, Geneva is a city that lives intensely – now and forever – by going with the flow.

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